Lineve makes the quality of its products, as well as the knowledge and dedication of its employees, the foundations that support its competitiveness and levels of excellence already proven.
More than satisfying our customers, we aim to exceed expectations, and from that commitment we make our motto. For that, transparency, responsibility, demand and rigor are our standards.
We want your loyalty and, for that, we are committed to commercialize products that meet your needs; always obtain satisfaction through the best quality standards; quickly and efficiently meet your requests.

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction!

A path traced by the effort, dedication and trust of all.

Our mission

Commercialization of products and integrated solutions for the civil construction sector, which meet the quality requirements and meet customer expectations.

Our vision

To be an increasingly competitive company in the manufacture and sale of products for civil construction and to be recognized through merit in this sector.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy values ​​…

… Our customers
Our customers’ orders dictate the direction of our evolution. Therefore, we pay them our full attention in order to satisfy them.

… Our employees
It is the people who make the company. For LINEVE it is important that its employees have access to training, good working conditions and feel involved and motivated.

… Our suppliers
LINEVE intends to establish a positive relationship with its suppliers. Commitment and seriousness are indispensable factors in business relationships.

… the environment
Respecting the environment around us is respecting everyone. For this reason, we ensure that the waste we produce is routed to the appropriate locations.

It is based on these principles that we assume the total commitment for the fulfillment of the client’s requirements, as well as the applicable legal ones, fostering risk-based thinking and betting on the continuous improvement of the performance and effectiveness of our Quality Management System.